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MDF panels painted

Advantages of painted MDF panels

Practice shows that decorative panels have many advantages.
- A variety of textures (including moisture-resistant versions).
- Good soundproofing performance. Sound insulation of the room can be made even better by applying frame installation of the panels (a space is obtained between the wall and the panel; it can be filled with insulating material).
- Long service life. But you should be aware that MDF is not enough resistant to mechanical stresses.
- Easy installation.
- Versatility (can be used in different rooms).

How to use MDF boards

In living rooms, painted MDF panels are used to decorate balconies, hallways, less often in kitchens. In bathrooms and bathrooms, because of high humidity, moisture-resistant versions are used.
MDF panels for decorating walls are distinguished by a great variety of colours, textures and surface reliefs. The material can be used both for decorating walls and ceilings. The variety is so great that there is an opportunity to choose materials that fit into any design style. Consider the options for using MDF panels with a painted surface.
- Decorative MDF wall panels with wood imitation is a real classic. And it is not necessary to use panels imitating the wood of any particular species. For example, a combination of lighter and darker panels (or different wall panels in different colours) looks great.
- Horizontal combinations of colours look beautiful: in the direction from the floor to the ceiling, darker panels are installed first and lighter ones closer to the ceiling.
- The combination of vertically and horizontally arranged tiles looks unusual. Framing material or metal is used to decorate the gaps between the panels.
- An important advantage that decorative panels for walls have is that they go well with other materials: the lower part of the wall is decorated with panels while the upper part is either wallpapered or painted.
Choosing tasteful and imaginative panels makes it possible to create an interesting and completely unique interior. Decorative panels do not only provide aesthetic appeal but also a robust and durable design that is resistant to wear and tear.

Purchase decorative panels online

If you would like to purchase decorative panels - contact our company. Our specialists will help you choose the best option in terms of quality and price. A wide choice of materials, reasonable prices and fast fulfillment of your order are waiting for you! Also, the online furniture shop Comfort Space ™ expanded its activities, and now you can buy decorative panels from the Comfort Space ™, not only in Kiev, and in cities such as: Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Kremenchug, Uzhgorod, Nikolaev.

Панель МДФ крашенный ПМК01
Sales price: 5400,00 грн

Панель ПМК-01

(5 - 1 голос)

Панель МДФ крашенный ПМК-01

Sales price: 5400,00 грн

Product details

Панель МДФ крашенный ПМК02
Sales price: 3600,00 грн

Панель ПМК-02

(4 - 2 голосов)

Панель МДФ крашенный ПМК-02

Sales price: 3600,00 грн

Product details

Панель МДФ крашенный ПМК-03
Sales price: 3600,00 грн

Панель ПМК-03

(5 - 4 голосов)

Панель МДФ крашенный ПМК-03

Sales price: 3600,00 грн

Product details

Панель МДФ крашенный ПМК04
Sales price: 5400,00 грн

Панель ПМК-04

(5 - 1 голос)

Панель МДФ крашенный ПМК-04

Sales price: 5400,00 грн

Product details

Панель МДФ крашенный ПМК05
Sales price: 7500,00 грн

Панель ПМК-05

(5 - 2 голосов)

Панель МДФ крашенный ПМК-05

Sales price: 7500,00 грн

Product details

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