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Acrylic MDF panels

Acrylic panels in the style concept

The imitation of antiquity, its romanticisation, embodied in a tranquil domestic cosiness, has become the main idea of the style. The acrylic panelling is varied, both in colour and texture. White, light pink and soft blue constitute the basic colourful palette, on which the subsequent ideas unfold. The textiles and furniture should be unified, and close attention should be paid to vintage and homemade details. Floors should preferably be light, natural, so a boardwalk, parquet, ceramic tiles or vintage laminate should be used.
For the ceiling: stucco or decorative beams. The second option is possible in living rooms with high ceilings. Walls can be whitewashed, painted or wallpapered in an antique style. Surfaces should be faded, with floral prints, florets, petals, buttercups, monograms and scrolls, chubby angels and curly shepherds. The fabrics are made of natural fabrics. There should be a lot of textile: curtains, lampshades, covers, capes, napkins, all light, flowing, romantic and soulful.
A cheesy-chic living room is always laden with lots of decorative materials, including acrylic. Multi-piece lamps and chandeliers, fresh flowers, vases, pictures on the walls, figurines, photos, dolls, moths - all this creates an atmosphere of eternal spring.
However, designers warn: as for any other style, in which a lot of decorative objects are welcome, chic can be overloaded with details, getting instead of soulful atmosphere dusty pantry.

Using acrylic panels in furniture

The furniture is very much like the Provencal style, only more used and rustic. Therefore, there are smooth lines, chips, scuffs and rough edges. There is always a fair amount of furniture. These are dressers with a mass of different drawers and cupboards, a sideboard which must contain a porcelain service with pastoral motifs. The dressing table is ornate, with carved legs, perhaps rounded, and a mirror in an ornate frame. Thanks to modern finishing technologies practically any piece of interior can be styled as antique.
The fireplace, on which it is so easy to find space for the mass of lovely knickknacks, will suit the style. The armchairs are soft, with carved backs and armrests, the chairs have curved backs. All items of furniture are in light colours.
For upholstered furniture you can take the covers with floral pattern, ruffles and flounces.  You can also get the covers and curtains made of the same fabric. The Comfort Space™ online furniture shop is a showcase for our varied range of acrylic furniture. However, a specific style such as chebby-chic always requires a custom design, which we will gladly help you carry out. Decorative acrylic MDF panels are a great and inexpensive solution for renovating the interior of your flat or office.

Today the online furniture shop Comfort Space ™ offers you to buy decorative panels for walls not only in Kyiv but also in other regions of Ukraine, in cities such as: Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lviv, Poltava, Zaporozhye, Kremenchug, Uzhgorod, Nikolaev.

Акриловые панели серии ПМА-01
Sales price: 6000,00 грн

Панель ПМА-01

(5 - 1 голос)

Панель МДФ акрил ПМА-01

Sales price: 6000,00 грн

Product details

Панель МДФ акрил ПМА-02
Sales price: 7200,00 грн

Панель ПМА-02

(3.67 - 3 голосов)

Панель МДФ акрил ПМА-02

Sales price: 7200,00 грн

Product details

Акриловые панели серии ПМА-03
Sales price: 6900,00 грн

Панель ПМА-03

(4.5 - 2 голосов)

Панель МДФ акрил ПМА-03

Sales price: 6900,00 грн

Product details

Акриловые панели серии ПМА-04
Sales price: 5700,00 грн

Панель ПМА-04

(5 - 2 голосов)

Панель МДФ акрил ПМА-04

Sales price: 5700,00 грн

Product details

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